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Protect Our Care Responds to White House’s Secret Stabilization Sabotage List

By March 7, 2018No Comments

Washington, DC – In response to reports that President Trump’s White House is circulating a secret plan to sabotage bipartisan talks on mitigating the harm caused by President Trump’s destructive health care sabotage, Protect Our Care Campaign Chair Leslie Dach released the following statement:

“As if his disregard for America’s health care system wasn’t obvious enough already, President Trump is now trying to sabotage bipartisan Congressional efforts to fix Trump’s own sabotage. Trump just took Americans’ health insurance premiums as a hostage to his demands that insurance companies get to sell junk plans and charge five times more to people over 50. Democrats and moderate Republicans must stand firm against this outrageous anti-senior, anti-woman wish list.

“Congress needs to reject this bomb-throwing from the White House and take action on bipartisan solutions that contain costs for American families, not on extreme policies like junk plans that can discriminate against pre-existing conditions, an age tax, and anti-woman restrictions that people across the country rejected firmly during last year’s Affordable Care Act repeal debate. It’s outrageous that Trump continues to ignore the message Americans have sent loud and clear: enough is enough. Stop the war on our health care.”