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Protect Our Care Statement On Approval Of Kentucky Medicaid Waiver

By January 12, 2018No Comments

In response to the news that the Trump Administration granted the approval of Kentucky’s waiver to implement work requirements for Medicaid recipients, Protect Our Care Campaign Director Brad Woodhouse issued the following statement:

“Today’s move from Republicans marks not just a shift in policy, but a shift in the fundamental decency of the United States. Medicaid has long been a lifeline for millions of hard-working Americans – our parents and grandparents, siblings and children. After more than fifty years and nine bipartisan administrations, it is Donald Trump who will cut Americans off from their health care.

“Despite the rhetoric pushed by this Administration and Republicans in Congress, the simple truth is that the majority of those covered by Medicaid who can work are working, largely in low-wage jobs or industries that don’t provide health care, and those who are not working overwhelmingly have chronic health conditions or are taking care of a sick family member. In Kentucky, where nearly 50 percent of all births are covered under Medicaid and nearly 10,000 veterans received the health care they deserve through Medicaid expansion, 20,000 people stand to lose coverage. This decision harms the most vulnerable among us, and abandons the next generation born into circumstances beyond their power.

“Changing Medicaid will do nothing to help Americans find jobs. It will merely take away their health care. It’s a cruel, short-sighted policy, and every Republican who goes along with it should be ashamed.”