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Protect Our Care Announces National Campaign to Stand Up to Trump Sabotage of Health Care

By October 17, 2017No Comments

New campaign calls on members of Congress to stand up to Trump’s attempts to sabotage our health care.

Newly-released report shows 26 of 35 states that have released rate information attribute rate increases to uncertainty created by the Trump administration.

WASHINGTON, D.C., October 17, 2017 — Protect Our Care today announced a national campaign to stop President Trump and Congressional Republicans from sabotaging our health care. After failing to pass a series of disastrous health care repeal bills this year, President Trump is determined to achieve repeal by taking administrative action to undermine the current law and open enrollment. Trump’s actions will raise health care premiums, deny access to health care for millions of Americans and significantly threaten the collapse of the individual insurance market. It’s time for Republicans in Congress to stand up to sabotage and protect health care for millions of Americans.

In his latest act of sabotage, President Trump cancelled cost-sharing reduction (CSRs) funds which keep out-of-pocket costs low for millions of Americans. The decision has thrown the individual insurance market into further chaos and, according to the Congressional Budget Office, will result in coverage losses and premiums soaring by 20 percent next year, and will spike the national debt by nearly $200 billion by 2026.

The American people have overwhelmingly rejected health care repeal and made it clear they want Congress and the Trump Administration to work across party lines to keep what works and fix what doesn’t in the Affordable Care Act. Now is the time for Republicans to stand up to Trump’s sabotage and work to improve health care for millions of Americans. If not, they will own all the consequences of higher premiums and worse coverage.

“President Trump has made it clear he will do everything he can to sabotage our health care. The President’s repeated and blatant acts of sabotage are deliberately undermining the law, and will destroy the health and financial security of millions of people,” said Protect Our Care Chair Leslie Dach. “It is high time Republicans in Congress stand up to this sabotage and they should start by immediately restoring funding for CSRs and open enrollment. We are launching this campaign and taking our message all across the country because sabotaging our health care out of spite is wrong and must be stopped.”

As part of the campaign, Protect Our Care unveiled a new website,; released a newly-updated report that shows that the vast majority of states attribute health insurance rate increases to the Trump Administration’s sabotage; and announced a pledge that people can use with Members of Congress to drive the point home that they must take action in Congress to stand up to sabotage. So far this week, the campaign has 17 events scheduled in eight states across the country. A full calendar of events can be found below.

Events in States

So far this week, there are 17 events scheduled in eight states.