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Protect Our Care Condemns Trump Executive Order Encouraging Medicaid & Other Critical Programs to Adopt Work Requirements

By April 11, 2018No Comments

Administrative Hurdles Fail to Encourage Employment, Cost More & Escalate Trump’s War on Working Families

After President Trump privately signed an executive order encouraging federal agencies and states to strengthen existing work requirements in Medicaid and in critical public assistance programs, Protect Our Care Campaign Director Brad Woodhouse released the following statement:

“President Trump gave record-breaking tax breaks to people who inherited money from their parents and to corporations that contributed to Republican campaigns, and now he wants to take coverage from more working families who depend on Medicaid. Trump refused to publicly sign today’s brutal executive order, and he was right to hide. In early red-state experiments, we have seen solid evidence that imposing work requirements on non-employment-related federal programs not only fails to help people find jobs, but actually pushes hardworking people through the cracks while costing more in wasteful administrative overhead. Even worse, these administrative hurdles push a false stereotype about people who get coverage through Medicaid – the reality is that 8 in 10 adults with coverage through this critical program live in working families. By pushing states and federal agencies to adopt short-sighted and inhumane tactics to force even more Americans off their insurance and out in the cold, President Trump is continuing his war on our health care and threatening to fundamentally weaken our nation’s social fabric.”