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Protect Our Care: Don’t Be Afraid — Enroll

By October 31, 2017No Comments

On Eve of Open Enrollment, Protect Our Care Urges Americans to Ignore Trump and GOP’s Sabotage Efforts and Enroll in Health Care

Washington, D.C. — On the eve of the 45-day open enrollment period to sign up for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Protect Our Care is urging Americans to enroll in health insurance. Protect Our Care’s message is simple: Because of the Affordable Care Act, health coverage remains affordable and available in every county in America for millions of Americans who need it. And if you want to thwart President Trump and the GOP’s efforts to sabotage American health care, you should enroll or help someone get enrolled between November 1st and December 15th.

Despite President Trump’s partisan repeal efforts, and repeated efforts at sabotage, the law remains strong and continues to provide affordable access to health care to Americans. In fact:

  • 80% of people in states can find a plan for less than $75/month, up from 71% last year, more people than ever before
  • 100% of counties have an insurer offering coverage despite President Trump and the GOP’s repeated lies to the contrary
  • 70% of counties have at least two issuers, meaning consumers have multiple plans to choose from
  • In nearly every county in America, some consumers will have access to insurance with zero dollar premiums contingent on age and income

“While many Americans will pay more due to President Trump’s sabotage, millions of Americans can still find affordable health coverage,” said Protect Our Care Campaign Director Brad Woodhouse. “Despite Trump’s partisan repeal efforts and sabotage, the law remains strong and continues to provide affordable access to health care for Americans. Every county has issuers providing coverage, 8 in 10 Americans can find a plan for less than $75 a month and more people than ever can find a plan with no premium at all. And, while we will remain vigilant and will continue to call out all of Trump’s efforts to sabotage the law and open enrollment, the best way for Americans to fight back against the President’s politically-motivated efforts to undermine the law is to enroll in health care or help someone who needs coverage get enrolled. What better way to send a message to President Trump and congressional Republicans to drop sabotage and partisan repeal than to make this open enrollment exceed all expectations?”

Get America Covered has all the open enrollment information necessary, including how to sign up for health insurance, how to spread the word about open enrollment and more.