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Protect Our Care Kicks Off Inflation Reduction Act Themed Weeks By Holding Republicans Accountable for Their Vote Against Lower Health Care Costs

By August 22, 2022No Comments

New Video Explains Inflation Reduction Act’s Key Measures to Lower Premiums and Prescription Drug Costs for Millions

Watch Protect Our Care’s New Explainer Video Here.

Washington DC — Today, Protect Our Care is announcing four themed weeks to raise awareness of The Inflation Reduction Act’s provisions to lower health care costs for millions of Americans. The bill will drive down health care premiums for 13 million Americans and lower the cost of prescription drugs by giving Medicare the power to negotiate lower prices, capping seniors’ out-of-pocket drug costs, and stopping egregious price hikes. These measures will deliver long-overdue relief to working families and seniors, and they will address the deep racial inequities in our health care system. Week one focuses on how Republican lawmakers voted in unison against this historic legislation and stood by Big Pharma instead of the American people.

“For years, Republicans have waged a partisan war on health care, and this vote is no different,” said Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse. “By opposing the Inflation Reduction Act, every Republican in the House and the Senate voted to raise premiums and keep drug costs sky-high for millions of seniors and working families. As we approach the fall, it has never been more important to educate Americans about who is working to deliver real relief to families and who is working to deliver higher profits for big drug companies and their executives.” 

Over the next four weeks, Protect Our Care will release fact sheets and host nationwide events with elected officials, storytellers, and health care advocates to highlight the Inflation Reduction Act’s critical measures to drive down health care and prescription drug costs.

Inflation Reduction Act Themed Weeks:

  • Week 1: GOP Accountability. Week one focuses on how every Republican lawmaker in Congress stood by Big Pharma and other special interests and voted against lower health care costs for the American people.
  • Week 2: Seniors. Week two is bringing attention to the Inflation Reduction Act’s provisions to lower prescription drug costs for millions of seniors. 
  • Week 3: Lower Health Care Premiums. Week three focuses on how millions of Americans will save on their health care premiums thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act. 
  • Week 4: Cancer. The final week highlights how patients fighting serious diseases like cancer stand to save thousands of dollars a year on their health care costs. 

FACT SHEET: Every Republican Voted To Keep Drug Prices High And Charge Millions Of Americans More For Health Insurance

While President Biden and Congressional Democrats fought tirelessly to pass the historic health care investments included in the Inflation Reduction Act, every Republican in the House and Senate opted to keep drug prices high and charge millions of Americans more for health care by voting against the bill. And now Republican leaders like Rick Scott and Chip Roy are even threatening to shut down the federal government to try and roll back this law and force Americans to pay more for their health care and prescription drugs. 

This historic legislation reduces the cost of prescription drugs by reining in Big Pharma and slashes costs for millions of Americans purchasing coverage on their own through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplaces. Not only does this law address our most pressing health care challenges, it also puts downward pressure on rising costs and is backed by more than 120 world renowned economists. But Republicans stood against all of that by giving in to hundreds of millions of dollars in Big Pharma pressure and standing in unified opposition to the Inflation Reduction Act. 

Republicans have worked relentlessly for over a decade to repeal and sabotage the ACA  and now they’re continuing their campaign for higher costs and worse care by opposing the historic investment in health care made by the Inflation Reduction Act, which improves the health and well-being of seniors, people of color, rural Americans, and people with disabilities, strengthens families, and will save lives. 

Read the full fact sheet here.