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Protect Our Care, Pollsters Discuss New Polling on President Trump’s Handling of Coronavirus Crisis in Four Key Battleground States

By April 23, 2020No Comments

Protect Our Care Unveiled New Survey on Voters’ Opinions on Trump’s Response to Coronavirus in Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin

Read Key Findings from the Survey

Washington, DC — On a press call today, Protect Our Care along with Public Policy Polling and Geoff Garin of Hart Research discussed new polling on voters’ opinions on President Trump’s response to the coronavirus crisis. Additionally, Protect Our Care unveiled a new survey conducted with Public Policy Polling in Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin that finds voters in these key battleground states disapprove of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, trust their governors far more and oppose relaxing social distancing and recent protests to end stay-at-home orders.

Call Audio Available Here

Key findings from Protect Our Care/PPP survey of MI, NC, PA and WI voters:

  • On average the Governors’ net approval for their handling of the virus are 32 points better than Trump’s. 
  • On the head-to-head question of who voters trust more to protect their state from the coronavirus, the Governors on average beat Trump out by 21 points at 57-36:
  • On the question of who voters trust more to decide when to reopen their state the Governors lead Trump by an even wider average margin of 28 points at 61-33
  • The survey also finds that battleground state voters think social distancing measures need to stay in place and take a dim view of the protesters pushing for the country to immediately reopen: On average only 19% of voters think social distancing measures should be relaxed. 

“It’s no secret why voters in these states trust their governors more than President Trump to keep them safe during this crisis – his incoherent and disastrous response continues to put their health and safety at risk,” said Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse. “President Trump has shattered any credibility his administration might have had when it comes to leadership during this crisis. The more President Trump downplays the threat of coronavirus, lies about his administration’s response and vilifies state officials for trying to keep their citizens safe, the lower his approval will continue to fall in states he needs to win come November.” 

“The polling makes clear that voters have lost trust in Trump’s ability to lead them through this crisis,” said Protect Our Care Chair Leslie Dach. “And all signs show they will grow more concerned with his leadership the longer this crisis continues. Trump doesn’t learn from his mistakes, instead he repeats them. Americans want clear and consistent leadership to keep them safe during this crisis, but Trump continues to downplay the need for testing and ignore the advice of experts. Voters disagree with his decisions because they know them make them less safe. Americans overwhelmingly support continuing social distancing, they overwhelmingly oppose the protests that the president loves to watch on television and they don’t trust his efforts to rush the reopening of the economy. It’s no wonder they are rejecting his leadership.”