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Protect Our Care Praises House Democrats For Moving Forward An Agenda To Lower Health Care Costs, Improve Care And Confront President Trump’s Sabotage

By April 4, 2019April 5th, 2019No Comments

Washington, DC – Late last night, the House Energy and Commerce Committee under the leadership of Chairman Frank Pallone (NJ-6) and Health Subcommittee Chairwoman Anna Eshoo (CA-18), held a marathon session to pass a dozen health care bills out of committee to lower premiums and the high cost of prescription drugs and improve access to care.

The legislation also takes direct aim at President Trump’s sabotage of health care, including his attacks on people with pre-existing conditions and his deliberate effort to sabotage open enrollment. Much of the lower cost, better care package of bills passed last night mirrors the 2019 health care agenda Protect Our Care released earlier this year, which the organization has been advocating for on Capitol Hill and in key states and congressional districts across the country.

Protect Our Care chair Leslie Dach released the following statement in response:

“Elections matter. In November, voters showed the door to scores of Republicans who stood with President Trump’s agenda of ripping health care away from millions and handed the reins of the House to Democrats who ran on lowering costs, improving care and ensuring that people with pre-existing conditions continue to have access to affordable care.

“Yesterday, Democrats delivered by passing a lower cost, better care set of bills that can now move to the House floor. These bills improve health care for millions of Americans by lowering costs, bringing down the price of prescription drugs, and reversing Republican sabotage of our health care laws. These bills are in stark contrast to President Trump’s decision to double down on support for the complete dismantling of our health care system and cutting trillions from Medicare and Medicaid.”