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Protect Our Care Statement on Latest Republican Repeal Plan

By June 19, 2018No Comments

As Republican organizations and leaders release yet another proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Protect Our Care Campaign Director Brad Woodhouse released the following statement:

“Republicans just can’t seem to take a hint. Today, they’re back to push a repackaged version of the same repeal bill that Americans firmly rejected last year. It’s a tired retread of the same old proposals to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions, impose an age tax on older Americans, and pave the way for huge Medicaid cuts. Despite repeated pleas from the American people, Republicans simply refuse to stop pushing their destructive repeal-and-sabotage agenda, but they have no problem putting power back in the hands of insurance companies, giving hundreds of billions in tax breaks to pharmaceutical companies, and going back on their promises to rein in drug prices. The Republican establishment can come up with a million plans to repeal our health care, but our answer is still the same: NO. Republican politicians should denounce this new effort, end their war on the our health care, and get to work on bipartisan solutions to bring down costs and protect our care.”