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Protect Our Care Statement on Senate Health Care Legislation

By June 19, 2019No Comments

Washington, DC — Today, leaders of the Senate HELP Committee unveiled health care legislation to address, among other things, surprise medical bills. In response, Protect Our Care executive director Brad Woodhouse issued the following statement:

“So long as Senate Republicans remain Trump’s top lieutenants in his war on America’s health care, they should not receive credit for solving a problem they have made worse for the American people. Surprise medical billing is a serious issue for patients navigating our health care system, and while it’s encouraging that the Senate is addressing the problem, Republicans do not deserve a pat on the back while they continue supporting the destruction of America’s health care. If Republicans actually cared about patients and improving our health care system, they would denounce Trump’s disastrous Texas lawsuit, disavow junk plans and call for an end to the relentless repeal and sabotage agenda he and they continue to pursue.”