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Protect Our Care Statement on Trump’s Sabotage Executive Order

By October 10, 2017No Comments

Recent reports and the opinions of experts indicate that President Trump will announce an Executive Order this week designed to sabotage the health care system and achieve some of the GOP’s health care repeal goals that have failed to pass in Congress and which have been rejected overwhelmingly by the American people. Trump’s sabotage will raise health care premiums, deny access to health care for millions of Americans and could result in the collapse of the individual insurance market.

According to experts, the Executive Order is expected to:

  • Destabilize the health insurance marketplace
  • Inject significant uncertainty in the health insurance marketplace just weeks before the start of the already-shortened open enrollment period
  • Increase costs for millions
  • Gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions, making coverage for them unaffordable
  • Return power to insurance companies, who would be able to charge more for less care, including selling policies that don’t cover necessary care
  • Undermine the ability of state insurance commissioners to effectively regulate and rein in insurance companies

In response to this latest secret, partisan repeal effort undertaken without any input from experts, Protect Our Care Campaign Director Brad Woodhouse released the following statement:

“President Trump has gone from failing at repeal to flailing with sabotage, and the victim is our health care,” said Woodhouse. “This Executive Order is nothing but the latest, and most damaging, in a series of attempts to sabotage our health care by this administration. From the President’s order to dismantle the health care law on his first day in office to forcing rate hikes by threatening to cancel required payments, the Trump Administration isn’t filled with health care solutions; it’s filled with health care saboteurs.

“After bipartisan majorities in Congress and the overwhelming majority of the American people rejected his health care repeal, President Trump is still attempting to dismantle our health care out of vengeance.

“Republicans in Congress cannot sit by idly and let this happen. The GOP must stand up to this sabotage and force the Administration to protect and strengthen our health care, rather than let them play politics with people’s lives.”