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REALITY CHECK: Donald Trump’s Real Record on Rising Cost of Prescription Drugs

Despite Donald Trump’s latest tweets and pronouncements, his record on drug pricing is crystal clear: higher bills for us, huge tax breaks for the drug companies.

“While drug prices hikes squeeze families even harder, all Donald Trump has done is give record-breaking tax breaks to the big drug companies while blocking Medicare from negotiating for lower prices,” said Leslie Dach chair of Protect Our Care. “Tuesday morning, Trump’s lawyers will be in court trying to overturn our health care laws. If they succeed, health insurance companies would be free to stop paying any of the costs of prescription drugs. That’s Donald Trump’s health care plan.”

DONALD TRUMP’S RECORD: Rising Cost of Prescription Drugs

Trump falsely claims he’s done something about it…

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In reality, it’s getting worse under Trump…

  • CBS NEWS: Drug prices in 2019 are surging, with hikes at 5 times inflation

But Trump’s buddies and backers at the big drug companies have gotten more rewards…

  • AXIOS: 4 pharma companies saved $7 billion from GOP tax law