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Republican Drug Plan Puts Big Pharma First and Leaves Americans Behind

By April 21, 2021No Comments

Washington, DC — Today, House Republicans released a bill that protects Big Pharma’s profits and ignores skyrocketing drug prices. In response, Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse issued the following statement:

“Once again, Republicans are putting drug companies first and Americans last. This bill will do little to help the millions of Americans who struggle to afford their prescription medications. Americans pay the highest prescription drug prices in the world, but instead of standing up to drug companies, Republicans are refusing to stand for meaningful change. We know Americans need real relief from the skyrocketing cost of drugs. That’s why Congress must lift the ban on Medicare negotiating drug prices in the American Families Plan. Giving Medicare the power to negotiate lower drug prices is the single more effective thing we can do to reduce drug costs and help American families afford the prescriptions they need.”