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Seema Verma Charging Ahead With Plans to Kick More Medicaid Enrollees Off the Rolls

By October 28, 2019No Comments

The CMS Administrator Announced Plans to Continue Pushing States to Take Up Onerous Medicaid Work Requirements, Despite Similar Plans Being Struck Down Three Times In Federal Court

Washington, DC — Yesterday, CMS Administrator Verma announced that CMS will continue pushing states to take up Medicaid work requirements. These work requirements kick tens of thousands of Medicaid enrollees off the rolls and place untenable burdens of entry to the program. Despite similar requirements being struck down in federal court in Kentucky, Arkansas, and New Hampshire, the administration is determined to continue pushing them as part of their broader war on health care. In response, Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse released the following statement:  

“Seema Verma just can’t quit sabotaging America’s health care as she forges ahead with pushing dangerous work requirements that undermine Medicaid and kick people off the rolls. Even as similar plans are struck down by the courts, Verma is vowing to wage a full-on war against Medicaid by urging states to continue taking up these draconian work requirements. There seems to be no bottom for this administration’s desire to take away Americans’ health care, as they remain hellbent on stripping coverage from Americans in any way, shape, or form.”