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Sen. Murkowski Should Keep Her Health Care Promises and Oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s Nomination to the Supreme Court

By August 22, 2018No Comments

Judge Kavanaugh’s Record is at Odds with Sen. Murkowski’s Promises to Protect People with Pre-existing Conditions and Women’s Health

After President Trump announced he would nominate Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Senator Lisa Murkowski assured constituents that she would hold him to a “rigorous and exacting” review. However, Sen. Murkowski is avoiding the fact that Kavanaugh stands in stark opposition to the commitments she made to her constituents — namely, to ensure protections for people with pre-existing conditions continue, protect access to birth control, and defend access to safe and legal abortion:

Sen. Lisa MurkowskiBrett Kavanaugh
On Pre-Existing Conditions:Murkowski: “We must continue to prohibit insurers from discriminating against pre-existing conditions.” Last year, Kavanaugh criticized Chief Justice Roberts for upholding the ACA, which protects people with pre-existing conditions.
On Access To Birth Control:In 2014, Sen. Murkowski was one of only three Republicans who voted to ban employers from denying their employees access to birth control coverage. In 2015, Kavanuagh sided with employers over women, arguing that they be able to deny women coverage for birth control.
On Safe And Legal Abortion:Murkowski: “I recognize that the Supreme Court, through Roe v. Wade, has said that a woman has the right, that reproductive right, to choose, and I have supported that.” In 2017, Kavanaugh tried to force a young woman to continue a pregnancy against her will.