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SHOT/CHASER: Alex Azar Wants You to Believe the ACA Isn’t Working, Ignoring All the Ways the Law Helps Americans

By November 1, 2019No Comments

SHOT: HHS Secretary Alex Azar And The Trump Administration ‘Believe The Affordable Care Act Simply Doesn’t Work.’ [Washington Post, 11/1/19]

CHASER: The Affordable Care Act Is Working For Millions Of Americans Who Rely on The Law Every Day. Here’s How:

  • 135 million Americans with pre-existing conditions are now protected
  • 17 million people gained coverage through Medicaid expansion
  • Nearly 12 million seniors pay less for prescription drugs because the Medicare ‘donut hole’ was closed
  • 2.3 million adult children are able to stay on their parents’ insurance
  • Women able to access coverage without being charged 50 percent more than men 
  • 9 million people can purchase health care in the marketplace with federal assistance
  • Rural hospitals gained key support from the law 
  • Lifetime caps on coverage by insurance companies are banned
  • Insurance companies are required to cover prescription drugs and maternity care
  • Older Americans are protected from being charged an “age tax” by insurance companies

[Protect Our Care, 4/11/19]