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SHOT/CHASER: PhRMA Rakes In Record High Revenue To Keep Drug Prices High While 58 Million Americans Say They Can’t Afford Their Prescriptions

By November 18, 2019No Comments

SHOT: GALLUP Poll: 58 Million Adults Have Been Unable To Afford Prescribed Drugs At Least Once In The Last 12 months. “Dovetailing with these results is a rising percentage of adults who report not having had enough money in the past 12 months to ‘pay for needed medicine or drugs that a doctor prescribed’ to them. This percentage has increased significantly, from 18.9% in January 2019 to 22.9% in September. In all, the 22.9% represents about 58 million adults who experienced ‘medication insecurity,’ defined as the inability to pay for prescribed medication at least one time in the past 12 months.” [Gallup, 11/12/19] 

CHASER: AXIOS: “The drug industry lobbying group PhRMA registered $460 million of revenue in 2018, a shade more than 2017, according to its latest tax returns obtained by the Center for Responsive Politics.” [Axios, 11/18/19