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SHOT/CHASER: GOP Senator Rick Scott Threatens Government Shutdown Over Widely Popular Inflation Reduction Act

By August 18, 2022No Comments

Inflation Reduction Act’s Health Care Measures Drive Bill’s Widespread Popularity

SHOT: Senator Rick Scott Threatens To Force Government Shutdown Over Inflation Reduction Act If GOP Takes Control Of The Senate. “If we can get over 50 senators in the Senate, we can pass a reconciliation bill. Which, then, the Biden administration — Biden — will have to make a choice whether he wants to shut down government or fund things the proper way.” [Politico, 8/17/22

CHASER: Navigator Poll Shows Two In Three Americans Support The Inflation Reduction Act. “Nearly two in three independents (64%) and almost two in five Republicans support the plan (35%).” [Navigator, 8/18/22

CHASER: New POLITICO/Morning Consult Poll Shows Strong Public Support For Inflation Reduction Act’s Health Care Measures. “The poll found that 76 percent of respondents strongly or somewhat support placing a limit on the amount that prescription drugs can increase, while only 13 percent strongly or somewhat oppose it. The results also showed that several other pieces of the legislation are overwhelmingly popular. More than 70 percent strongly or somewhat support the law’s provisions to allow Medicare to directly negotiate some prescription drug prices and to reduce the federal deficit by $300 billion in the next decade…More than 70 percent also support the act limiting annual out-of-pocket costs for Medicare recipients to $2,000, while 15 percent oppose it.” [The Hill, 8/17/22