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SHOT/CHASER: Known Medicare Fraudster And Repeal Fanatic Rick Scott Tapped To Lead Trump’s Latest Round Of Health Care Sabotage

By April 1, 2019No Comments

SHOT: Sen. Rick Scott Becomes Trump Point Man On GOP Health Care Policy. [Orlando Sentinel, 3/30/19]

CHASER: Rick Scott Has Vocally Supported Trump’s Failed Health Care Repeal Efforts.

  • Rick Scott Urged Repeal Of The ACA On “Day One” Of The Trump Administration. “Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) is ramping up pressure on Republicans in Congress to aggressively and immediately pursue a repeal of ObamaCare, despite any politically damaging effects.” [The Hill, 12/13/16]
  • Rick Scott Called The AHCA “Way Better Than Obamacare” And Said He Would Do “Everything I Can” To Pass It. “Gov. Rick Scott said Thursday the failed GOP health care bill was ‘way better than Obamacare’ and that he remains optimistic President Trump and Congress can get it done.” [Tampa Bay Times, 3/30/17]
  • Rick Scott Continued To Push For Repeal Even After It Failed In The Senate. “Gov. Rick Scott, whose political career is largely defined by opposition to the Affordable Care Act, still wants Republicans to repeal the federal health care law despite their apparent failure to do so.” [Orlando Sentinel, 7/18/17]

CHASER: Rick Scott’s Company Committed Historic Medicare Fraud. He Will Now Lead Trump’s Health-Care Push. “On Thursday, Trump told reporters that Scott, and fellow Republican Senators John Barrasso of Wyoming and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, would lead the party’s push on health-care reform. ‘They are going to come up with something really spectacular,” the president said. If by spectacular, he means a candidate who was at the helm of a company that pleaded guilty to historic efforts to defraud Medicare, the president has found his man.’” [New York Magazine, 4/1/19]