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SHOT/CHASER: McCarthy Is Making a Promise He Already Vowed to Break – Putting Social Security & Medicare on the Chopping Block

By January 12, 2023No Comments

Republicans Are Already Working to Dismantle Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security

Today, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy promised Republicans would not defund Medicare and Social Security. 

But check the tape – McCarthy and other Republicans have already made it clear his MAGA House of Representatives will require slashing the Medicare and Social Security that people have earned or they will shut down the government. 

SHOT: “We will always protect Medicare and Social Security” – Kevin McCarthy [@atrupar, 1/12/23]

CHASER: NOVEMBER 2022: Kevin McCarthy Said Medicare And Social Security Cuts Could Be Part Of Debt Limit Negotiations. “Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, who is in line to be House speaker if his party wins control, told Punchbowl News last month he would not ‘predetermine’ whether Social Security and Medicare cuts would be part of debt-limit negotiations. Those comments suggested that, unlike in past negotiations, Republicans could demand future cuts to the programs in order to raise America’s borrowing limit and avoid a default on government debt. Mr. McCarthy later told CNBC that he had not brought up the programs and was committed to ‘strengthening’ them, though he did not provide details.” [New York Times, 11/2/22]