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SHOT/CHASER: New Poll Finds Surge In Americans Struggling to Afford Medical Care; Build Back Better Will Lower Health Care Costs for Millions 

By December 14, 2021No Comments

SHOT: Gallup Poll Finds “Surge” In Americans Struggling To Afford Health Care, With Nearly A Third Reporting They’ve Skipped Medical Care Due To Cost. “Nearly a third of Americans — triple the share since March— say they’ve skipped medical care for a health problem in the previous three months due to concerns about the cost, according to a new study from Gallup and West Health.” [CBS News, 12/14/21

CHASER: Because Of Build Back Better, Families Could Save Thousands Of Dollars In Health Care Costs Every Year. Build Back Better will lower premium costs, give Medicare the power to negotiate for lower drug prices, cap insulin co-pays at $35 per month, extend hearing benefits to seniors so they can afford hearing aids, and extend affordable coverage to working families in states that have rejected Medicaid expansion.