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SHOT/CHASER: States Open ACA Enrollment for Uninsured Americans as Trump Doubles Down on Desire to “Terminate” the Law in Midst of Crisis

By March 24, 2020No Comments

SHOT: “The Rush By Numerous Obamacare-Friendly States To Reopen Enrollment In The Past Week Week Demonstrated The Law’s Potential As A Safety Net In A Time Of A Major Health Crisis.” [Politico, 3/23/20

CHASER: Trump Doubles Down on Commitment to “Terminate” the Law and Strip Health Care from 20 Million Americans Amidst Coronavirus Crisis: “Trump reaffirms that his administration will go forward with lawsuit to end the Affordable Care Act: ‘what we want to do is terminate it’ and replace it with something better.” [Sam Stein Twitter, 3/22/20