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The 2017 Election By the Headlines: Health Care Wins

By November 9, 2017No Comments

On Tuesday, voters across the country went to the polls and expressed one opinion above all: the rejection of health care repeal. From Virginia’s gubernatorial race — where exit polls found 39% of voters listing health care as their top issue and Governor-elect Ralph Northam beating Ed Gillespie by 54 points among these voters — to Maine’s ballot initiative — the first time the Affordable Care Act was on the ballot, with voters backing Medicaid expansion 59–41 — health care dominated the night. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the headlines…

CNN: Obamacare had a good showing on Election Day

Los Angeles Times: Healthcare, for years a political winner for GOP, now powers Democratic wins

Washington Post: Medicaid won bigly in Tuesday’s elections

Associated Press: In election glow, Dems see health care as a winning issue

The Guardian: Americans show support for Obamacare despite Trump’s repeal attempts

New York Times: Election Results Invigorate Medicaid Expansion Hopes

The Atlantic: Obamacare Becomes Popular Again

Huffington Post: For Next Year’s Election, Be A Health Care Voter

Talking Points Memo: Sorry LePage!: Maine Becomes 1st State To Expand Medicaid By Popular Vote

Independent Journal Review: Maine Voters Rebuke Trump, Pass Medicaid Expansion in Huge Win for Obamacare

Fortune: Obamacare Gets Vote of Approval in Maine Referendum on Medicaid Expansion

Fortune: 3 Ways Obamacare Won Big in Election 2017

Forbes: Medicaid Expansion Wins In Maine In Victory For Obamacare

ThinkProgress: Virginia voters sent a loud message about health care

Middletown Transcript: Perhaps people do want health insurance

Washington Examiner: Democrats seize on election results, Obamacare enrollment to urge bipartisan healthcare deal