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The GOP Default Plan Not Only Rips Medicaid Away from Millions, It Slashes Vital Health Care Programs by 22 Percent

By April 20, 2023No Comments

The GOP Debt Ceiling Plan Includes 22 Percent in Discretionary Funding Cuts 

The House Republican default plan not only rips away health care for millions of people who rely on Medicaid, but it also cuts critical health programs by 22 percent. From funding for veterans’ health care to nursing home safety to mental health, these cuts will take desperately-needed health care away from families across the nation. As a result, more people in America will get sick and more will die. Here’s what the GOP is trying to take away from people:

  1. Veterans Health Care: The GOP plan would severely cut health services for veterans delivered by the Veterans Health Administration, including inpatient, outpatient, mental health and suicide prevention, and long-term care services.
  2. NIH and the Cancer Moon Shot: The GOP plan would cut NIH’s essential investments in biomedical innovation to advance cures and treatments, including the Cancer Moonshot program, Alzheimer’s disease research, research related to opioids and pain management, and a universal flu vaccine. 
  3. Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder: The GOP plan would cut key programs for mental health services, including mental health resources for children. It would also cut services for substance use and prevention services, including funding aimed at combating the opioid and overdose crisis and helping pregnant and postpartum women. Additionally, the GOP plan would cut funding for the new 988 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
  4. Community Health Centers: The GOP plan would cut discretionary funding for the Health Centers program, which provides primary and preventive care, including mental health and contraceptive care, to rural areas and other underserved people. It would also cut funding for programs that treat people living with HIV/AIDS as well as the Title X Family Planning Program.
  5. Inspecting Nursing Homes: The plan would cut funding for programs that protect the Medicare Trust Fund from fraud and abuse, and inspect nursing home facilities for health and safety.
  6. Addressing Shortages of Health Care Providers: The GOP plan would cut health care provider training programs for primary care physicians, nurses, behavioral health providers, and other providers that are essential for addressing our workforce shortages.
  7. Addressing the Maternal Health Crisis: The GOP plan would cut the Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant Program that serves low-income mothers and babies, as well as funding for programs that address the maternal health crisis like Maternal Mortality Review Committees. 
  8. Preparing for the Next Pandemic: The GOP plan would cut programs that prepare us for the next public health emergency, including funds for vaccines and treatments, hospital preparedness, and the CDC’s funding to modernize public health data and other critical public health infrastructure needs and provide support to states and other jurisdictions.