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The Trump Campaign Decides to Weaponize Health Care for 2020: Yeah, Right!

Washington, DC – In a Reuters article released today, President Trump’s 2020 campaign claimed that they have “taken back” the issue of health care from Democrats in advance of 2020, and that they will be touting reforms they’ve made to make health care better. Brad Woodhouse, executive of Protect Our Care, issued the following statement in response:

“President Trump and his campaign’s belief that they can take the issue of health care back from Democrats is just plain delusional, and the American people know better. It’s clear that health care is the most important issue for Americans, and that Americans overwhelmingly agree that President Trump is waging a war on their health care. If the Trump campaign thinks its a genius idea to frame the promotion of junk plans and stripping millions of their coverage through the Texas lawsuit as a winning issue, while Democrats continue to work to lower costs and provide better care, be my guest.”