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THEN/NOW: February 15, 2017 vs February 15, 2021

By February 16, 2021No Comments

What a difference a new administration makes. For four years, Donald Trump and his Republican allies waged a war on America’s health care. President Biden opening a special enrollment period four years to the day of Donald Trump trying to tear apart the ACA marketplaces is a prime example of the stark differences between these two administrations.

THEN:Trump Administration’s New Health Rule Would Reduce Tax Credits, Raise Costs, For Millions of Moderate-Income Families.” “The Trump Administration’s new proposed rule on health care would raise premiums, out-of-pocket costs, or both for millions of moderate-income families…If finalized as proposed, the rule would reduce the amount of health care that marketplace plans have to cover. As a result, the rule would force millions of families to choose between higher premiums and worse coverage.” [Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 2/15/17

NOW: President Biden To Open Up The Federal Health Insurance Marketplace For Three Months. “The move is in stark contrast to the Trump administration’s approach. As covid-19 took hold last spring and the economy imploded, health experts pleaded with the Trump administration to open up the federal marketplace so people could buy insurance to protect themselves during the worst public health emergency in a century…The Biden administration is promising to spend $50 million on outreach and education to get the word out about the new special enrollment period. That’s critical, experts said. [Kaiser Health News, 2/16/21