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Trump Administration Failing at Open Enrollment Outreach

By November 2, 2017No Comments

Protect Our Care Blasts Trump for Bare Bones Outreach Efforts as Open Enrollment, Which Runs From Nov. 1 to Dec. 15, Begins

Washington, D.C. — As open enrollment for coverage through began yesterday, the Washington Post reported that the Trump administration is continuing its campaign of sabotage, having sent 20 million fewer outreach notices than in previous years. This follows the administration’s slashing of the outreach budget by 90 percent.

“Donald Trump is hell-bent on sabotaging American health care no matter how many people it harms,” said Protect Our Care Campaign Director Brad Woodhouse. “Open enrollment is the best opportunity for people without health insurance to get the coverage they need. It’s critical that consumers know what’s available to them, how low costs can be and that it’s time to sign up. But the Trump administration is too busy trying to undermine the law, and this half-baked attempt at open enrollment is sabotage.”

The administration’s bare-bones emails explain the absolute minimum to consumers: open enrollment start and end dates, a warning that the enrollment period is shorter this year and a statement that people “can confirm, change or update” a plan. The emails do not include information on the affordability of many plans on the marketplace or about the availability of cost-sharing reductions, not the fact that marketplace plans for less than $75 per month are available to 8 in 10 people.

Furthermore, the administration is not sending emails to millions of consumers who were previously insured through the marketplace or had explored the website.

“The American people already blame President Trump and congressional Republicans for the uncertainty around health care, and Americans oppose their efforts at repeal and sabotage,” continued Woodhouse. “Open enrollment is a critical component of ensuring the health care law succeeds. If this administration insists on sabotaging open enrollment and undermining the health care of the American people, you can bet President Trump and Republicans in Congress will be held accountable.”