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Trump Agenda Makes Medical Debt Even Worse

By August 2, 2019No Comments

This morning, the Wall Street Journal revealed the reality of this economy…

WALL STREET JOURNAL – “Families Go Deep in Debt to Stay in the Middle Class”

  • “Consumer debt, not counting mortgages, has climbed to $4 trillion—higher than it has ever been even after adjusting for inflation. Mortgage debt slid after the financial crisis a decade ago but is rebounding. Student debt totaled about $1.5 trillion last year, exceeding all other forms of consumer debt except mortgages.”

If Trump and his Republicans get their way to repeal our health care laws or overturn them in court, it will raise our health care costs and make the problem even worse…

  • NPR – “Medicaid Expansion Takes A Bite Out Of Medical Debt”
  • NEW YORK TIMES – “Obamacare Seems to Be Reducing People’s Medical Debt”
  • CONSUMER REPORTS – “How the Affordable Care Act Drove Down Personal Bankruptcy”