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Trump Tries to Hide His Disastrous Health Care Record Behind Meaningless Executive Order

By September 22, 2020No Comments

Washington, DC — Today, administration officials indicated President Trump would be unveiling an executive order in the coming days related to protections for people with pre-existing conditions, but it would actually do little to nothing to help Americans. The announcement comes as his lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act is poised to take away protections for pre-existing conditions for 135 million Americans and throw our entire health care system into chaos. In response, Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse issued the following statement: 

“This announcement is just another effort from President Trump to obscure his disastrous record as we approach the most consequential health care election of our lives. Since taking office Donald Trump has taken every opportunity to undercut protections for people with pre-existing conditions and rip health care away from millions of others. People with pre-existing conditions already are covered by the Affordable Care Act. President Trump is suing right now to remove those protections and completely dismantle the entire Affordable Care Act. The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case one week after the election and with the recent vacancy on the court, the ACA has never been in more peril. If successful, this lawsuit would mean 135 million people with pre-existing conditions would lose the protections they rely on for health care coverage.”