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Trump Tweets Reveal President’s Complete Disregard for Americans’ Care

By June 4, 2018No Comments

This morning, President Donald Trump sent out tone-deaf tweets about the ongoing Republican war on health care, writing: “We had Repeal & Replace done … except for one person” and falsely bragging that “drug prices coming down.” The President’s tweets also boasted about the tax bill’s repeal of the requirement that most Americans buy health insurance, which is forcing up premiums across the country, and about the junk plan proposal that’s being blasted by 95% of health care groups. In response, Protect Our Care Campaign Director Brad Woodhouse released the following statement:

“President Trump’s tweets this morning prove yet again his utter disregard for the heath care of the American people, his ignorance or blatant dishonesty about the damage Republican sabotage is inflicting on coverage and premiums, and that he is oblivious to the political damage his repeal-and-sabotage agenda has inflicted on his own party.

“Repeal wasn’t only rejected by one Senator, but by millions of Americans who don’t want to return to a system where millions of people can’t afford coverage, where insurance companies can discriminate based on gender and pre-existing conditions, and where premiums are skyrocketing because of his actions. And while Trump pines for another shot, Republican leaders in Congress are avoiding a return to repeal like the plague because it is a sure political loser at a time when they are already receiving blame for impending premium increases due to their continued sabotage of the health care system.

“But none of this will deter a President hellbent on devastating American health care.  In fact, President Trump intends to finalize his Administration’s junk plan proposal to push skimpy plans that don’t have to cover essential care like prescription drugs, hospitalization, and maternity care, even though it’s being blasted by over 95% of health care groups, including the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association. The American people and even members of his own party are sick and tired of President Trump’s relentless war on American health care. It’s time he finally got the message – though we won’t be holding our breath.”