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“Trump Will Drive Up Obamacare Premiums Nearly 20%”: Today’s Health Care Sabotage Headlines

By February 26, 2018No Comments

This morning, the Urban Institute published a bombshell study outlining the the high price Americans will pay for Republican health care sabotage, which is set to artificially inflate premiums by double digits for millions of families this fall. The study forecasts an 18.2% increase in 2019 premiums for Affordable Care Act plans and millions of Americans losing their coverage. Here’s a roundup of today’s headlines:

Vox: Trump will drive up Obamacare premiums nearly 20%

Bloomberg: Trump’s Obamacare Changes to Push Up Premiums, Report Projects

Mic: Obamacare premiums could see double-digit increases thanks to Trump’s changes

CNN: 9 million fewer Americans expected to have health insurance in 2019

Axios: Millions of Americans won’t have health insurance next year

Huffington Post: These Are The Real-Life Effects Of Trump’s Obamacare Sabotage

The Hill: ObamaCare premiums to rise 18 percent from GOP-backed changes