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Trump’s Dallas Rally Overshadowed By Looming Decision in Texas Lawsuit That Would Rip Health Care Away From 1.7 Million Texans

By October 17, 2019No Comments

Washington, DC — As President Trump heads to Dallas for a rally tonight, his visit is overshadowed by a looming decision by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on Texas v. United States, the Trump-backed lawsuit that would destroy the Affordable Care Act. Ahead of the rally, Protect Our Care executive director Brad Woodhouse issued the following statement:

“President Trump returns to the state where his disastrous lawsuit, which threatens to rip away health care from 1.7 million Texans and millions more Americans nationwide, originated. If successful, the Texas lawsuit would destroy protections for over 11 million Texans with pre-existing conditions, cut federal funding for the state’s Medicaid program, and force seniors to pay more for prescription drugs. As the Lone Star State continues to move from red to blue, Donald Trump and the GOP would be wise to drop this reckless lawsuit and their endless war on health care or risk the wrath of voters next November.”


If Trump Gets His Way, 1.7 Million Texans Would Lose Their Coverage

  • 1.7 million Texans could lose coverage. According to the Urban Institute, 1.7 million Texans would lose coverage by repealing the Affordable Care Act, leading to a 37 percent increase in the uninsured rate. 
  • 205,000 Texas young adults with their parents’ coverage could lose care. Because of the Affordable Care Act, millions of young adults are able to stay on their parents’ care until age 26. 
  • Texans would lose important federal health care funding — an estimated reduction of $6.5 billion in the first year. The Urban Institute estimates that a full repeal of the ACA would reduce federal spending on Texans’ Medicaid/CHIP care and Marketplace subsidies by $6.5 billion, or 20.6 percent in the first year. 
  • 2,070,000 Texans who could gain coverage if Texas were to expand Medicaid will be denied that possibility. By not fully expanding Medicaid, Texas has restricted its Medicaid program, preventing 2,070,000 residents from gaining coverage. 

If The Affordable Care Act Is Struck Down:

  • GONE: Protections for 135 million Americans with pre-existing conditions. The uninsured rate will increase by 65 percent. 
  • GONE: Medicaid expansion, which covers 17 million people. 
  • GONE: Nearly 12 million seniors will have to pay more for prescription drugs because the Medicare ‘donut hole’ will be reopened.
  • GONE: 2.3 million adult children will no longer be able to stay on their parents’ insurance. 
  • GONE: Insurance companies will be able to charge women 50 percent more than men.
  • GONE: Financial assistance that helps 9 million people purchase health care in the marketplace.
  • GONE: Protections for older Americans that prevent them from being charged an “age tax,” where insurance companies could charge people over 50 more than younger people. 
  • GONE: Key support for rural hospitals. As Americans lose coverage, already struggling hospitals will be hit even harder as their costs increase.
  • GONE: Ban on insurance companies having lifetime caps on coverage.
  • GONE: Requirements that insurance companies cover prescription drugs and maternity care.