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Trump’s New HRA Rule is a Hypocritical, Harmful Proposal to Distract From His Lawsuit to Destroy Health Care

By June 14, 2019No Comments

Trump is Currently Waging a Lawsuit to Dismantle the Entire Affordable Care Act, Strip Coverage from Millions of Americans

Washington, DC — Today, Trump is set to deliver a speech on his administration’s new HRA rule, which encourages more people to buy junk insurance plans that do not cover protections for many pre-existing conditions. On top of that, his Rose Garden speech this afternoon will likely fail to address the rule’s underlying hypocrisy: that his Texas lawsuit would dismantle the entire Affordable Care Act, completely nullifying this rule if successful. In response to this announcement, Protect Our Care executive director Brad Woodhouse released the following statement:  

“It’s the height of hypocrisy that Trump is in court to rip health care away from millions of Americans while also proposing a rule that in the most charitable sense would be using cups of water to douse the five alarm fire that he created. Not only does this new HRA rule encourage more people to enroll in junk insurance plans that don’t offer protections for pre-existing conditions, but it would be completely nullified by Trump’s Texas lawsuit to destroy our health care system. Time and again, Trump has made clear he’s dead-set on destroying America’s health care – letting drug companies run wild and ripping millions off their insurance. Today’s announcement is just another empty display of hypocrisy as he marches onward in his war on America’s health care.

“For patients with pre-existing conditions, Trump’s health care plans put them at risk either way. Today, he’s pushing policies which let insurance companies dupe patients into buying junk plans that won’t cover care for pre-existing conditions for people with asthma, diabetes and cancer. Next month, he’s going to court to try to overturn health care and strike down the protections for pre-existing conditions in all the remaining plans. Donald Trump has engaged a relentless war on American health care which has no end in sight.”