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Trump’s Own Pollsters Confirm Health Care Costs Top Issue for Voters, Americans Want to Keep Affordable Care Act

By April 5, 2018No Comments

Washington, D.C. New data from America First Policies, compiled by President Trump’s own pollsters, found lowering the cost of health care to be the top issue voters want addressed in 2018, with these voters favoring fixes to the Affordable Care Act over repeal by a 47 to 34 percent margin. Protect Our Care Campaign Director Brad Woodhouse released the following statement in response:

“When President Trump’s own pollsters find that keeping and fixing the Affordable Care Act has a commanding double-digit advantage over repeal and that rising health care costs are the number-one issue on voters’ minds, it couldn’t be more clear that the Republican war on health care is failing. People across the country want to keep a health care system that stops insurance companies from discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions, imposing lifetime caps, or dropping coverage – and despite the rhetoric that Republicans have been pushing for nearly a decade, the law’s popularity only continues to rise.

“The GOP would do well to listen to the President’s own pollsters. No matter who conducts the polling, the results are clear: Americans continue to say they want Congress to lower their premiums and protect the ACA, repeating loudly and clearly: enough is enough – end the war on our health care.”


Protect Our Care: Health Care Remains Top Issue Heading Into Midterms