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Trump’s Sabotage of Health Care in the Headlines: You Own This, Donald

By October 16, 2017November 10th, 2017No Comments

In the days following President Trump’s decision to cut off the Affordable Care Act’s funding for reducing out of pocket costs for millions of Americans, paving the way for massive premium increases and potentially sowing chaos in the country’s health care marketplace, the headlines have not been kind. How is his decision being portrayed in the press? Not well, not well at all…

USA Today: Trump sells out your health insurance

New York Times: Trump’s Obamacare Moves Will Deepen Health Inequality

US News & World Report: Trump Has Shattered Health Security

Los Angeles Times: Trumpcare sabotage #1: Trump reneges on Obamacare payments, portending turmoil for consumers and taxpayers

Detroit Free Press: Bleeding the base: Why is Trump targeting his voters’ health care?

The Economist: Donald Trump’s health-care orders will hurt middle-class, self-employed Americans

Associated Press: Pro-Trump states most affected by his health care decision

Los Angeles Times: Trump boasts of ending healthcare subsidies and sending insurance stocks plunging; others not so pleased

Vox: Only 1 in 3 voters approve of Trump’s executive order undermining Obamacare

USA Today: Trump’s move to end insurance subsidies jolts Washington

Mass Live: Gov. Charlie Baker: Trump administration’s move to end ACA cost-sharing reduction payments is ‘the wrong decision’

The Hill: Trump hands Republicans a new ObamaCare problem

Huffington Post: Trump’s Obamacare Sabotage Is Doing Real Damage To American Health Care

MSNBC: Even Republicans aren’t happy with Trump’s health care gambit

Bustle: Why Trump’s Obamacare Subsidies Freeze Will Disproportionately Impact Women

NPR: Trump’s Executive Actions May Mean More Headaches For Struggling Congress

Talking Points Memo: How Trump’s Obamacare Sabotage Sets Him Up For His Own Political Misery

Boston Globe: Trump health care attacks worry GOP

The Tennessean: President Trump’s decision to end ACA subsidy creates fresh uncertainty

Chicago Tribune: Trump’s plan to end Obamacare subsidies stirs uncertainty in Illinois

Associated Press: Susan Collins: Trump should back effort to resume health subsidy

Bangor Daily News: Susan Collins says Trump’s move to end Obamacare subsidies hurts ‘vulnerable people’

NBC News: Gov. Kasich Slams President Trump’s Move on Health Care Subsidies

The Hill: GOP rep breaks with Trump: Cutting health-care subsidies does ‘opposite’ of what he promised