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U.S. Senator John Cornyn Rushes to Confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court, Refuses to Protect Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions

By October 12, 2020No Comments

Judiciary Committee member U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) has made his opposition to the Affordable Care Act crystal clear by voting time and again to repeal the health care law and by supporting California v. Texas, the Trump administration’s lawsuit to completely dismantle the health care law. If successful, the lawsuit would throw our entire health care system into chaos by ripping away health care from more than 20 million Americans and ending protections for more than 135 million people with pre-existing conditions, all in the middle of an ever-worsening pandemic. Senate Republicans are rushing to confirm anti-ACA Judge Amy Coney Barrett in hopes she will help them accomplish their decade-long goal of eliminating the law — and the protections it provides for Americans — when the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in California v. Texas one week after the election. 

What’s At Stake If The Supreme Court Overturns The ACA

If Trump’s lawsuit to overturn the ACA is successful, 1,958,000 Texans would lose coverage. 

Without the ACA, 11,898,500 Texans with pre-existing conditions could be charged more or denied coverage altogether. 

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Senator Cornyn And The ACA

Cornyn has voted FIVE TIMES to fully repeal the ACA.

2019: John Cornyn On The Texas Lawsuit: “I Support Having The Courts Make The Decision.” “Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) did not give a position on the case. ‘I support having the courts make the decision,’ he said. But he noted that the issue of health care is not going away. ‘I expect we’ll continue to have a conversation about health care into the indefinite future,’ he said.” [The Hill, 3/27/19

2017: Cornyn Was Repeal’s “Chief Salesman” In 2017. “Senate Republicans are in a grumpy mood these days. Then there’s John Cornyn, who’s almost unfailingly optimistic about the GOP’s chances of passing its Obamacare repeal bill despite the increasingly long odds. […] He’s held private one-on-one meetings with a slew of wavering senators to try to persuade them to back the party’s controversial bill, which would overhaul one-sixth of the U.S. economy and could mean that more than 20 million fewer Americans have health insurance. Cornyn said his offerings are not ‘state-specific’ deals to convince the likes of Nevada Sen. Dean Heller or Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, although the latest drafts of the bill include some carve-outs for Florida, Alaska and Louisiana. […] With Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell typically tight-lipped, Cornyn has emerged as a chief salesman for the GOP’s beleaguered health care plan.” [Politico, 7/16/17