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UPDATED: New Polling Clearly Demonstrates Overwhelming Support For Reconciliation Package That Lowers Health Care Costs

By July 22, 2022No Comments

Reconciliation Provisions Would Lower Health Care Costs for Millions of Americans

President Biden and the Democrats in Congress are moving forward with the most significant health care legislation since the Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, Big Pharma has spent more than $100 million on lobbying this year alone to kill any proposal that lowers drug costs and threatens their massive profits. Poll after poll shows that President Biden’s health care provisions are both popular and desperately needed. With wide bipartisan support, the American people are counting on Congressional Democrats to rein in Big Pharma’s greed and deliver relief to millions of families by quickly getting the reconciliation bill to President Biden’s desk for signature. 

Navigator Poll Finds Overwhelming Majority Of Americans Support Democrats’ Plan To Allow Medicare Drug Price Negotiation And Extend Premium Savings. Overall, 71 percent of Americans back the plan, including 92 percent of Democrats, 62 percent of independents, and 49 percent of Republicans. [Navigator, 7/21/22]

AARP Poll Of 56 Most Competitive Congressional Districts Highlights Need To Pass Health Care Provisions In Reconciliation Bill. Voters over 50 are heavily motivated to vote in the 2022 election, identifying the following issues as “very important when deciding who to vote for”: Medicare, 75 percent, and lowering the cost of prescription drugs, 69 percent. [AARP, 7/20/22]

Morning Consult/Politico Finds Overwhelming Support For ACA Subsidy Extensions. ”7 in 10 say an extension of those subsidies is important…Nearly 9 in 10 Democrats back a renewal of ACA subsidies, as do roughly 3 in 5 independents. A 49% plurality of Republicans support an extension of the subsidies.” [Morning Consult/Politico, 7/20/22]

Morning Consult/Politico Poll Reveals Vast Majority Of Americans From Across The Political Spectrum Back Democrats Plans To Lower Drug Prices. Allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices had the support of 82 percent of Democrats, 71 percent of independents, and 73 percent of Republicans. Caps on drug price increases is backed by nearly 80 percent of voters and limiting out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for those on Medicare is supported by more than 70 percent of Americans. [Morning Consult/Politico, 7/13/22]

Navigator Poll Finds Majority Of Americans Support Medicaid Drug Price Negotiation And Believe It Is The Most Effective Tool To Fight Inflation. The vast majority of Americans support President Biden’s plans to lower health care premiums and allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, including 89 percent of Democrats, 56 percent of independents, and 52 percent of Republicans. Medicare drug price negotiation was ranked the most effective option for anti-inflation policy. [Navigator, 7/6/22]

Data For Progress Poll Finds Overwhelming Majority Of Americans From All Political Stripes Strongly Back Drug Price Negotiation. “83 percent of national likely voters support giving Medicare the power to negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs, [including] support from 86 percent of Democrats, 81 percent of independents, and, perhaps most critically, 81 percent of Republican voters.” [D4P, 6/29/22]

AARP Poll Shows Voters Over 50 More Likely To Support Candidates Fighting To Lower Prescription Drug Prices. “As the voting bloc most likely to turnout in midterm elections, voters 50-plus could once again decide this year’s elections…the data show that voters 50-plus, regardless of political party, are more likely to vote for Congressional candidates who vow to …lower prescription drug prices.” [AARP Research, June 2022]

Americans Support Lowering Health Insurance Premiums In Navigator Poll. 75 percent of Americans backed President Biden’s plan to lower health coverage premiums by up to $2,400 a year for people purchasing their own insurance. [Navigator, 5/6/22]

  • Voters From Across The Political Spectrum Want Action To Lower Premiums. 87 percent of Democrats, 72 percent of independents, and 63 percent of Republicans support government action to cut premium costs by up to $2,400 a year for those purchasing coverage on the marketplaces. [Navigator, 5/6/22]

Data For Progress Poll Finds Voters Overwhelmingly Support Biden’s Plan To Lower Prescription Drug Prices. 83 percent of voters want Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices. [Data For Progress, 5/4/22]