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WATCH: Health Care Advocates & Storytellers Visit White House to Celebrate the ACA

By April 6, 2022No Comments

Advocates and Storytellers Watched President Biden Announce Measures to Strengthen the ACA and Lower Costs for Millions of Americans

Watch the Full Video Here.

Yesterday, health care storytellers and advocates from across the country visited the White House to celebrate the success of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and President Biden’s ongoing efforts to improve the health care law and cut costs for families. During the event, former President Obama noted that, in the fight to pass the ACA, he and President Biden were determined to deliver because “we met too many people on the campaign trail who’d shared their stories.” The tireless work of storytellers helped usher the ACA into law, protected it from GOP repeal and sabotage, and is now driving the fight to build on the ACA today. 

The event comes as President Biden and Democrats in Congress are working to build on the ACA by driving down prescription drug prices, lowering premiums, and further expanding access to affordable care. More information on President Biden’s health care achievements can be found here



DonnaMarie Woodson (Charlotte, NC):
DonnaMarie has a pre-existing condition and credits the ACA for saving her life. If she hadn’t been insured through the ACA, she says she probably would not have had screening tests that led to her diagnoses with colon cancer and breast cancer in 2015. 

Himali Patel (Atlanta, GA). Himali is an Atlanta small business owner who relies on the ACA for health insurance. Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, she saw her monthly premium drop from $400 per month to $30 per month.

Teresa Acosta (Dunwoody, GA). Teresa is a single mom to a Type 1 diabetic son. She lost her job at Juvenile Diabetes Foundation because of COVID-19 but was able to get health insurance through the ACA. Thanks in part to the American Rescue Plan’s enhanced premium subsidies, she started a small business in the middle of the pandemic.

Chrysa Ostenso (Ladysmith, WI).
Chrysa and her husband own an optometry clinic in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. As small business owners, they purchase family coverage through the ACA Marketplace. After President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law, Chrysa’s family saw their monthly premiums go from almost $2000 to under $300. 

Amy Raslevich (Pittsburgh, PA). Amy is a breast cancer survivor and mother of two children with pre-existing conditions whose family relies on the ACA’s critical protections.

Steve Gomez (Phoenix, AZ). Steve is the father of an immunocompromised son with pre-existing conditions. Steve’s son, Anthony, was born with a serious heart defect but is protected under the ACA.