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Amgen is Cashing in While Leaving Seniors Behind

By August 22, 2023No Comments

Biden Administration Set to Announce First Round of Drugs to Be Eligible for Medicare Negotiation by September 1

In the coming days, the Biden administration is set to announce the first round of drugs eligible for lower prices under the Medicare Drug Negotiation Program created by the Inflation Reduction Act. Ahead of the drug announcement, Protect Our Care is highlighting drugs that will likely be eligible for negotiation. 

Today’s focus is Amgen’s Enbrel, which is a treatment for autoimmune diseases that could qualify for negotiation. Enbrel costs patients an average of $2,455 annually, an unthinkable sum for seniors with limited means or on fixed incomes. Meanwhile, Amgen has been raking in billions of dollars on the sale of this drug alone, increasing its price by 346 percent since 2008. Read more about Amgen and other drugs that could qualify for lower prices under the Inflation Reduction Act here.