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By the Headlines: Trump’s Health Care Sabotage Gets Wide, Critical Notice

By October 23, 2017No Comments

As the fallout from President Trump’s decision to cancel cost-sharing reduction fundingcontinues, states are forced to make needless increases in out-of-pocket costs to compensate. And people are beginging to notice.

From Alaska, where premiums slated to drop are now rising, to Pennsylvania, where rates are going up an obscene 30 percent, the consequences have been significant and will only continue to grow. Instead of fixing the problem, Republicans in Congress continue to bottleneck the bipartisan Alexander-Murray health care stabilization which would restore the funding and stop the hikes. And every day they wait to get on board, Trump and his repeal-at-all-costs Republican allies will own more headlines like these:

Alaska — Alaska Public Media: Premera to bump up premium to cover Trump cut

Arizona — AZ Family: Arizonans worry about rising health insurance rates after Trump’s decision to pull Obamacare subsidies

Arizona — Cronkite News: Cancer survivor says Trump plan sabotages health insurance coverage

Arkansas — Arkansas Online: Double-digit increases OK’d for Arkansas’ health plans after subsidy paid to insurers ends

Colorado — The Denver Channel: Colorado premiums will rise by 6% on top of existing hikes after Trump ends CSR subsidy payments

Iowa — KCRG: As ACA sign up approaches, some fear much higher rates and less help

Kansas — KMBZ: Healthcare options likely to dwindle as government cuts off subsidies

Louisiana — The Advocate: With federal payments to health insurers in limbo, Louisianans brace for premium hikes and Congress mulls action

Louisiana — Fox 8: Expert: Executive order could disproportionately affect Louisianans

Maine — Sun Journal: Maine premiums expected to rise after ACA subsidies end

Missouri — St. Louis Public Radio: Trump’s decisions on health care likely to drive up rates in Missouri, experts say

Nevada — News 4: No immediate impacts from healthcare changes, but NV official fears long-term consequences

North Carolina — WRAL: Trump’s move prompts 14 percent rate increase on Blue Cross ACA plans

Ohio — Times Gazette: Subsidy cuts will raise rates for Obamacare exchange plans

Ohio — WYSO: End To Insurance Subsidies Sparks Concern Over Spike In Next Year’s Health Care Costs

Pennsylvania — Philly Voice: Trump cuts to drive up Obamacare premiums in Pennsylvania by 30 percent

South Carolina — Charleston Post and Courier: Anticipating Trump’s order, South Carolina’s sole Obamacare insurer already planned ‘tremendous’ hike

Tennessee — Fox 17: Tennesseans concerned about cost amid new executive order on healthcare

Tennessee — Uncertainty in federal government means BCBST rate increase

West Virginia — Metro News: Highmark president says subsidy uncertainty helped drive exchange rate increases