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Protect Our Care Statement on CBO Scoring of Alexander-Murray

By October 25, 2017No Comments

In response to the CBO’s analysis of the bipartisan Alexander-Murray legislation, which found that the bill would reduce the federal deficit by $3.8 billion without coverage losses, Protect Our Care Campaign Director Brad Woodhouse released the following statement:

“Today’s CBO report only reinforces that passing Alexander-Murray is a no-brainer,” said Woodhouse. “CBO previously found that President Trump’s health care sabotage of cost-sharing reduction funds would result in premiums going up 20 percent, one million people losing their coverage and the nation’s debt increasing by nearly $200 billion. Alexander-Murray would provide deficit savings and maintain coverage for the American people.

“If the reasons Alexander-Murray has gained such strong bipartisan support in the Senate weren’t clear before, they certainly are now. It’s time for President Trump and House and Senate Republican leaders to get on board and do the right thing for the American people by passing Alexander-Murray without delay.”