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FACT SHEET: House GOP Aims to Shut Down Government, Repeal the IRA, and End Medicare if They Win in November

By August 25, 2022No Comments

Republicans Will Throw Out Everything Including the Kitchen Sink to Make Sure Americans Can’t Get Affordable Health Care

As part of the first week of the Inflation Reduction Act theme weeks, Protect Our Care has dug into the records of GOP members in the House and Senate who are continuing to fight tooth and nail to take away Americans’ access to quality and affordable health care. Every single Republican in the House of Representatives voted against the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and every single Republican in the House of Representatives is also up for reelection in November.

Republicans Seek to Repeal the Inflation Reduction Act. House Republicans led by Texas Representative Chip Roy are falling in line to support the full repeal of the Inflation Reduction Act the moment they retake control of the House. All of this while Republican leadership knows that this same type of messaging is what led to disastrous Republican defeats after they failed to repeal the ACA. It doesn’t matter that the Inflation Reduction Act has a vast supermajority of popular support and will lower health care costs for millions of Americans. All that matters to Republicans is that they get one over on Democrats, even if it is in spite of the people they are supposed to represent.

Republicans Threaten to Shut Down the Government to Keep Drug Prices High. Over 80 percent of Americans support capping out of pocket drug costs for seniors. Over 75 percent of Americans support Medicare having negotiating powers to lower prescription drug costs. Yet the Republican Party led by House member Scott Perry would rather shut down the federal government and cost taxpayers billions than allow for Americans to have access to affordable medications. So much for being fiscally conservative.

Republicans Support Ending the ACA, Medicare, and Medicaid. House Republicans are lining up behind a plan by Senator Rick Scott to sunset all federal legislation within five years. Already vocal members of the House like Matt Gaetz have publicly backed this plan which would put in jeopardy not just the Inflation Reduction Act, but the ACA, Medicare, and Medicaid. This ambitious project to rip away from Americans the vital quality and affordable health care they need is just another example of the tantrum being thrown by elected Republicans.

Republicans Continue to Complain but Do Nothing. It doesn’t matter if you are a part of Republican House leadership or if you’re a freshman congressperson, the game plan is all the same: fight everything kicking and screaming but then complain when things aren’t getting done. Republicans have made inflation one of their top talking points going into this election, yet every single one voted against legislation experts say will significantly reduce inflation. House Republicans don’t support reducing inflation. House Republicans don’t support lowering prescription drug costs (even when they vocally supported it before). House Republicans don’t support tax credits to lower health care costs. What is it House Republicans even do support?