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Health Care Was The Winning Issue For Democrats In Kentucky And Virginia

By November 6, 2019No Comments

Last night’s elections made clear that rejecting Trump’s sabotage agenda and protecting health care remain top priorities for voters. 

Washington Post Health 202: Medicaid Work Requirements “Clear Loser” In Last Night’s Elections. “There was a clear loser in last night’s elections: Medicaid work requirements in Kentucky and Virginia. To accomplish its goals for Medicaid, the Trump administration needs the help of state political leaders – and election results in Kentucky and Virginia yesterday made that less likely as Democrats widened their control in those states.” [Washington Post, 11/6/19

Axios: In Kentucky, The Trump Administration’s Health Care Agenda Lost One Of Its Closest Allies. “The Trump administration’s health care agenda appeared likely to lose one of its closest allies last night as Democrat Andy Beshear declared victory over Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, Axios health care editor Sam Baker notes. Driving the news: Beshear has pledged to reverse Kentucky’s plan for Medicaid work requirements — which took a backseat to national issues in the campaign, but was nevertheless one of Bevin’s most significant policy legacies.” [Axios, 11/6/19

Politico: Likely Governor-Elect Andy Beshear “Fully Embraced The Affordable Care Act In Kentucky” During Campaign. “Democrat Andy Beshear appears to eke out a win over Gov. Matt Bevin — Beshear, the son of the state’s previous Democratic governor who fully embraced the Affordable Care Act in Kentucky, made defending Medicaid expansion and Obamacare patient protections a central theme of his campaign against the unpopular Republican incumbent.” [Politico, 11/6/19

Politico: Virginia Democrats Flipped The State Legislature “Due In Part To The Party’s Promise To Protect The State’s Medicaid Expansion.” “Democrats flipped the state legislature — a victory that is due in part to the party’s promise to protect the state’s Medicaid expansion that’s covered more than 300,000 people.” [Politico, 11/6/19

Wall Street Journal: “Democrats Hailed The Election Gains As A Sign That Their Stance On Expanding Health Care Coverage Still Resonates With Voters.” “Democrats hailed the election gains as a sign that their stance on expanding health-care coverage still resonates with voters. Candidates had criticized their Republican challengers who opposed expanding Medicaid, a federal-state program for low-income and disabled people. The wins also thwart President Trump who has called for nationwide work requirements in Medicaid.” [Wall Street Journal, 11/6/19

The Atlantic: “Bevin Made It His Top Priority As Governor To Shred The ACA In Kentucky.” “Matt Bevin made it his top priority as governor to shred the ACA in Kentucky. He shifted 31,000 people off Medicaid and S-Chip, the state children’s health-insurance plan. He added work requirements for Medicaid, and other practical barriers to coverage. Bevin’s personal behavior may have been extreme, but his policy priorities as governor were squarely in the GOP mainstream. Squeezing the ACA has been Trump policy, too.” [The Atlantic, 11/6/19

Experts Confirm Health Care Was At The Center Of Democratic Wins In Kentucky And Virginia:

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra: “Congrats to Kentucky’s next Governor, @AndyBeshearKY! Democrats are fighting to #ProtectOurCare, uplift hardworking families, and strengthen our communities. Voters in Kentucky made the right choice today — and it won’t be their last. CC: @SenateMajldr. [AG Becerra Twitter, 11/5/19

Steve Schale: “One lesson from Kentucky – Protecting and building on the Affordable Care Act is both good policy and good politics. Beshear: I’m leading Kentucky’s fight to protect affordable health care for families.” [Steve Schale Twitter, 11/6/19

Alice Miranda Ollstein: “Beshear’s father implemented a Medicaid expansion in Kentucky that cut the state’s uninsured rate in half. Bevin fought for a work requirement that by his office’s own data would have dropped 90k+ people from the rolls.” [Alice Miranda Ollstein Twitter, 11/5/19

Joan Alker: “Fascinating and good night for Medicaid 1. KY Gov. Bevin losing – his own #’s showed his Medicaid work requirements/other punitive measures would cost 100k their coverage 2. VA D’s have run on Medicaid expansion and are winning; R’s there also pushed punitive work requirements.” [Joan Alker Twitter, 11/5/19

John Weaver: “Also a reminder tonight about the power of the health care debate and why Democrats must drive this home.” [John Weaver Twitter, 11/5/19

Joy Reid: “Matt Bevin ran in 2014 as a Trump before Trump, campaigning on getting rid of Obamacare in Kentucky. Then people found out Obamacare was “Kenect” — the healthcare they got when Dem Gov Steven Beshear expanded Medicaid under Obamacare. Beshear’s son just proved people noticed. [Joy Reid Twitter, 11/5/19

Matt McDermott: “Democrats have flipped the Virginia House and Senate, securing a legislative trifecta & with it can control redistricting, protect Medicaid expansion, institute universal gun background checks, and secure protections for LGBTQ people.” [Matt McDermott Twitter, 11/5/19

Anthony Wright: “Remarkable that the #KYGov– elect’s first week promise “I will rescind the Medicaid waiver” was the first on the list and got the biggest applause. #Kentucky. [Anthony Wright Twitter, 11/5/19]