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New Poll From Hart Research and Protect Our Care Confirms Democrats’ Advantage On Health Care Heading Into 2020

By November 6, 2019No Comments

One Year After Health Care Propelled House Democrats to Historic Victory in the House, Health Care Remains the Top Issue For Voters Heading Into 2020 

View findings from the poll HERE

Washington, DC — On a press call today, Hart Research President Geoff Garin and Protect Our Care unveiled findings from a new national survey showing that, among other things, health care remains the top priority for voters nationwide and across the political spectrum. Most importantly, the survey made clear that Democrats are well positioned to keep and expand their majority in the House if they continue to focus on lowering costs, improving and expanding access to health care and reversing the Trump-Republican sabotage agenda. Results also show that Trump’s sabotage agenda including his continued attacks on Medicaid, lawsuit to overturn the Affordable Care Act and repeated attempts to strip coverage from millions, is wildly unpopular with voters and stand to cost him at the ballot box next year. 

Coming off the heels of Democrats’ historic wins in Kentucky and Virginia where health care was a central campaign issue, the results of last night’s elections confirm our survey’s findings that health care is a winning issue for Democrats now, and will likely remain so heading into 2020. 

“Health care is now and will almost certainly remain the number one issue for voters across the country next November,” said Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse. “Americans are tired of Republican’s constant attacks on their health care and Democrats are well positioned to take advantage of that fact by making lowering costs, expanding access and reversing the Trump-GOP sabotage agenda their number one priority. Just as health care propelled Democrats to win a majority in the House one year ago, it remains the issue that will put Democrats in a position to maintain their majority and take back the Senate and White House next November.” 

Press call audio available HERE