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Hours After Governors Release Proposal, Trump Stabs Bipartisan Health Care in the Back

By February 23, 2018No Comments

Hours after bipartisan governors released a blueprint for moving on from Affordable Care Act repeal toward improving American health care, President Trump publicly recommitted to his death-by-a-thousand-cuts backdoor repeal agenda, saying he is wiping out the law “piece by piece.” Protect Our Care Campaign Director Brad Woodhouse released the following statement:

“As bipartisan governors are in D.C. pleading with Washington Republicans to stop their destructive health care sabotage campaign and move on to productive solutions, President Trump is across the river at CPAC stabbing their efforts in the back by bragging about wiping out the Affordable Care Act piece by piece. It must be the height of frustration for Governors Kasich, Hickenlooper, and Walker to hear President Trump and his allies in Congress recommit to hurting the people they represent. Both Republican and Democratic Governors should speak out against against Trump’s partisan war on health care and his Administration’s sabotage campaign on behalf of their constituents’ coverage.”