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Momentum Builds on the Hill to Stop Health Care Premium Hikes as Protect Our Care Continues Activities Around the Country

By June 10, 2022No Comments

State and Local Officials, Health Care Advocates Headlined Events and Published Op-Eds in Key States

Across the country, state and local officials are continuing to speak out to support efforts in Congress to lower health care costs and expand access to quality coverage for millions of Americans. Unless Congress extends these health care premium reductions in the American Rescue Plan, millions of Americans will see dramatic increases in their 2023 health insurance premiums, and an estimated three million people will lose coverage completely. 

As Protect Our Care continues its activities across the country, health care champions in Congress raised the alarm of rising premiums throughout the week. 


Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer and Democratic Whip James E. Clyburn published an op-ed in The Hill calling for Congress to expand Medicaid coverage and provide access to affordable health care plans

Congress needs to act now to provide certainty and stability for millions of Americans and avoid a worrisome spike in costs. As House Democratic leaders, we will continue promoting legislation to protect accessible, affordable health-care coverage that expands access and reduces costs for individuals and families. We urge our House and Senate colleagues to seek swift agreement on legislation that will provide certainty and reassurance to the millions now at risk of losing access to affordable, quality health care.” 

Read the full piece here.

Senator Klobuchar called on her colleagues to prevent widespread premium hikes by extending the American Rescue Plan’s tax credits. Watch here:

Secretary Yellen and Representative Neal urge Congress to extend tax credits to protect Americans from the rising cost of health care. Watch more here:



Today, Assemblyman Chris Tully and health care advocates will join Protect Our Care New Jersey at 12:00 PM ET to discuss a new report that shows the premium tax credits included in the American Rescue Plan dramatically lowered the cost of healthcare coverage for 280,108 New Jerseyans.

The new report highlights recent studies showing that more than three million people – including 84,000 New Jerseyans – could lose their coverage if Congress fails to make these enhanced premium tax credits permanent. The American Rescue Plan saved families thousands of dollars on their premiums, but the expanded tax credits that powered those savings will expire at the end of 2022, and as a result, premiums for next year’s plans will rise dramatically for millions who buy insurance on their own. Only Congress can prevent this from happening; it’s time to extend the ACA premium tax credits to ensure that hardworking families can continue to access the health care they need. 

Register to join the Zoom event (Registration required) 


On Friday, June 3 State Representative Mary Robichouax and health care advocates from across the state joined Protect Our Care Georgia to discuss a new report that shows the premium tax credits included in the American Rescue Plan have made health coverage more affordable for Georgians. 

“Two years ago, we only had four insurance companies willing to come into the Georgia exchange, and this caused a lot of problems across our state. In many areas of the state, there was one carrier, if at all. We are now up to 11 insurance companies on the exchange, and the system is stabilized. A large part of that is more people joining the exchange thanks to the tax credits,” said State Representative Mary Robichaux. “The exchange is more stable when you help people cover those costs. That’s what we need to continue to keep. We all need to urge Congress to extend these credits quickly so that we have a health care system where all our citizens can access care, and that it’s equitable to everyone.” You can watch the event here.


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