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NEW REPORT: Women’s Health Care in Crisis as Republicans Leverage Attacks on Basic Rights

By June 7, 2022No Comments

Report Outlines Steps to Improve Women’s Health Care Access as Supreme Court Weighs Fate of Abortion Rights 

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Washington, DC — Today, Protect Our Care is releasing a new report outlining urgent measures to improve women’s health care access as the nation faces a crisis for abortion rights. In the coming weeks, right-wing Justices on the Supreme Court are expected to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, opening the floodgates for states to ban abortion. Abortion has long been at the center of the Republican war on women’s health, but the GOP has also spent years eroding women’s access to other types of care. Between attacking the Affordable Care Act’s protections for women to blocking legislation to fight maternal mortality, Republicans have only made it harder for women to obtain essential care. Now, with the pending court decision, strengthening and protecting women’s access to care is paramount. 

In addition to working tirelessly to protect abortion rights, President Biden and Democrats in Congress are fighting to safeguard contraception and equal insurance coverage, end the maternal mortality crisis, and expand Medicaid coverage to ensure women can get the health care they need. With abortion rights are under the greatest threat in more than 50 years, passing these health care reforms will help mitigate some of the devastation caused by the radical justices and their Republican allies. 

“The GOP’s longstanding war on women’s health care has never been more damaging,” said Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse. “Maternal mortality is on the rise, millions of women are struggling to afford essential care, and now basic health care rights are under attack. The Republican lawmakers seeking to ban abortions are the same people who have sabotaged access to contraception, refused to address the maternal mortality crisis, and opposed Medicaid expansion and other common sense reforms to lower the cost of health care for working families. Every woman in this country deserves affordable, quality health care – including full access to reproductive health – and any lawmaker fighting reforms to expand coverage and improve care has no regard for human life at all.”