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New Navigator Poll Shows All-Time High Support for Affordable Care Act As Trump Reignites Repeal Threats

By December 7, 2023No Comments

Navigator Research released new polling today showing that the Affordable Care Act’s favorability is at an all-time high of 61 percent (+37 points). The poll shows a 14-point increase in favorability since February 2020 as more Americans count on it to protect their coverage and lower their costs. 

This comes as Donald Trump and his GOP allies have renewed calls to “terminate” the health care law and destroy its protections for millions of Americans.

The poll also found that Democrats’ trust on health care remains strong, holding a 14-point advantage over Republicans. Democrats also win the ACA repeal argument by a large margin when the messaging emphasizes there is “too much of a risk” and that “Congress shouldn’t cut health care for 30 million Americans.” 

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