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NEW: State-By-State Fact Sheets Show How Republican Calls to Repeal the ACA Jeopardizes Health Care for Millions of People Across the Nation

By December 8, 2023No Comments

Read the Fact Sheets Here. 

Washington, DC — Today, Protect Our Care is releasing 50 state-by-state fact sheets to underscore the threat of  Donald Trump’s promise to “terminate” the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the MAGA Republican war on health care. The consequences of repealing the ACA would touch nearly every household in the country. In addition to 20 million losing coverage, over 135 million Americans with pre-existing conditions would lose critical protections, 49 million seniors would have to pay more for prescription drugs, insurance companies would not be required to cover preventative care, such as vaccinations, contraception, and cancer screenings, and could once again impose annual and lifetime limits on benefits and charge women more. Protect Our Care’s new fact sheets outline how repealing the ACA would have devastating ramifications across the nation. 

Protect Our Care Founder Leslie Dach issued the following statement: 

“After all the years, the Affordable Care Act is now woven into the fabric of the nation, and the data shows how the law lowers costs and improves care for Americans across the country. More people are relying on the ACA than ever before, and millions are finding health insurance for $10 or less a month thanks to President Biden and Democrats in Congress. However, Trump and MAGA Republicans will stop at nothing to repeal the ACA which would raise costs, rip away coverage, and eliminate critical protections including pre-existing conditions. Some things never change: Republicans are more concerned about siding with big drug and insurance companies than the health care and well-being of tens of millions of hardworking people across our country.”

The new reports come as new polling shows the favorability of the ACA is at an all-time high. Across the country, millions are ​​counting on it to protect their coverage and lower their costs. Thanks to President Biden and Democrats in Congress, 80% of people can now get coverage through the ACA for under $10. In the first week of the 2024 open enrollment period, a record 1.6 million people signed up for health care coverage on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace. The ACA is extremely popular and provides coverage to more than ever before.