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NEW: Protect Our Care Launches Six Figure TV Ad Campaign Calling Out False Claims By Insurance Companies to Scare Seniors and Protect Profits

By March 2, 2023March 14th, 2023No Comments

Watch the Ad Here. 

Washington, DC — Protect Our Care is releasing a new TV ad calling out big insurance companies for their lies about Medicare Advantage. Over the past several weeks, the insurance industry has been running a massive advertising campaign to scare seniors into believing the Biden administration is cutting Medicare. 

In reality, the administration is proposing to increase spending on Medicare Advantage by approximately $4 billion while protecting the program from fraud and abuse by insurance companies. These efforts will improve the quality of Medicare Advantage plans – particularly for underserved populations, strengthen program integrity, and save the Medicare Trust Fund over $15 billion. 

“We must set the record straight for seniors,” said Protect Our Care Leslie Dach. “It is shameful that insurance companies are trying to scare seniors in an effort to protect their sky-high profits. The reality is the Biden administration is working to strengthen Medicare.


Medicare Advantage plans are driving insurance industry growth and profits, and insurers are trying to protect their sky-high margins by spreading falsehoods about the administration’s proposed payment update. There is widespread evidence of the insurance industry hurting seniors and padding their sky-high profits through gaming, fraud, and abuse of Medicare Advantage. Voters overwhelmingly support cracking down on Medicare Advantage insurance companies that are gaming the system by making patients appear sicker than they are in order to receive overpayments from the government. See our factsheets for more:

FACT SHEET: Insurers Care More About Big Profits Than Serving Dual-Eligible Seniors

FACT SHEET: Insurance Companies Are Making Billions in Profits on Medicare Advantage 

Ad Script:

We’re hearing a lot from insurance companies about Medicare these days.

What we’re not hearing is the truth.

Insurance companies are lying to America’s seniors about cuts to Medicare Advantage benefits.

Experts agree what they are saying is just plain false.

Health insurance companies are simply trying to stop cuts to their skyhigh profits, CEO salaries and bonuses.

Big surprise, huh?

Call Congress: Tell them it’s time to stop insurance company greed and put America’s seniors and taxpayers first.